Weekly Clinics


Clinics are One Off introductory sessions designed to teach members more about how to get the best workout and results from the different sorts of equipment we provide


Here are some of our weekly areas we coach on.

( Please note we may not be running all of these all of the time. The programme will change each quarter )


All Clinincs have a maximum of 4 people per Clinic (first come first serve)

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Clinics are 60 minute introductory sessions in a group maximum of 6 people.

Reserve your space by selecting your chosen clinic.

Boxing Clinic

Core Conditioning Clinic

Boxing is one of the best ways to increase your power and endurance and is one of the hardest forms of exercise. There are 2 types of boxing we will do, the first is fast paced and all designed to increase your conditioning and get the heart rate up!


The second is for the people who want to increase their skill of boxing, learn footwork,

counter punching and defence.


  • Lose weight
  • Increase muscle power
  • Relieve stress
  • Increase co-ordination
  • Increase cardiovascular levels

Change the way you train by trying our NEW Core Conditioning Clinic Strengthen, define and mould your abs into shape!


A strong core is the foundations for exercise. In this Clinic we will strengthen your core, correct posture and define your abs.


Our Core Clinic will include:


  • Non-stop core exercises
  • Fun and enjoyable workouts
  • Core specific training
  • Increasing core strength and definition
  • Help with posture


All levels welcome

HIIT Clinic

TRX Functional Clinic

Need to lose that last bit of fat that just won’t go away?


Come and try our 30 minutes HIIT Clinic, designed to push you hard and make you sweat!


Our Fitness team personally design the HIIT Clinic sessions which include:


  • 30 Minutes full of exercise
  • Full body workout
  • Pushing yourself to the limit
  • Best way to reduce fat
  • Working with a group
  • A lot of sweating!!


These sessions will be very high intense and will include quick movements, plyometric training and lots of sweating. High intensity sessions are the best way to increase your stamina and cut that last bit of fat that just won’t go. We will be doing our sessions together

as a group and will be circuits based.

Try our NEW group exercise class with one of our experienced trainers.


The TRX Clinics will be full body workouts, all designed to work your stabilisation muscles as well as increase muscle strength and endurance. The TRX has many different exercises people haven’t tried or didn’t even know they could do.


The TRX clinics are designed to:


  • Learn new exercises
  • Train muscles you have never
  • trained before
  • Work your stabilisation muscles
  • Full body workout
  • 30 minutes full of exercise

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