6 Weeks Group Courses

Its time to Join your TRIBE!


Exercising in a group beats the hell out of working out on your own!


Grab your friends and create your own “Tribe” or book online, take a vacant space on a class and be part of a new group! It’s a healthy way to meet people just like you.


This is “TRIBE TRAINING” and it’s the next big phenomenon in fitness.


 It’s best described as “Small Group Gym Based Personal Training.




4 – 8 people enjoying a supervised Hi Intensity circuit workout of 45 minutes duration tailored for your individual fitness level and held at the same time each week for a period of 6 or 12 weeks per term.


It means that you have a commitment to train at a certain time each week. Research shows this helps a lot of people to stick to a routine. Getting results is much easier with this motivation.


The instructor makes sure that you do the exercises correctly so it’s very safe but impressively effective. The science has proven that Hi-Intensity training is ideal for people of all ages and standards, but particularly if you’re starting out and transformational when it comes to fat burning and toning.


The instructor’s role is to get that extra 10% out of you as you do the exercises so you get results quicker than perhaps when you work out alone.


You do it with friends or make friends by attending the classes regularly.


Either way it’s great to have a regular booked time to meet up with your friends away from the stresses of normal life!


Bottom line is that booking a class makes you go and that’s got to be a good thing hasn’t it?


So why not recruit a tribe or join a group and add some fun and friendship to your workouts

Your Guide To The 3 Levels of Class


Level 1: Novice Tribe Sessions – You are new to exercise, or returning after an extended absence, perhaps plus sized, generally de-conditioned


Level 2: Walkabout Tribe Sessions – You have been training consistently twice per week for 12 weeks or more


Level 3: Warrior Tribe Sessions – You are in good physical condition, training regularly and can tolerate hi intensity workouts.




If you have a group of 6 people that would like to work out together and they are of mixed ability then that’s fine too. Contact us directly and we can customise the timing and tailor the sessions for your group.


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Putting the friendliness, support and motivation into your fitness club experience

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