Lose 3 inches from your Belly – Guaranteed!

A combination of low intensity cardio training and the TrimBelly belt is proven to burn multiple more calories than just exercising, but it does so specially around the waist – FAST!  Read more>



70% of cellulite is caused by lifestyle – and the GOOD news is we have an AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE ,

6 week Cellulite Reduction Programme. Find out you can have a smoother body in just 6 weeks. >


Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Look Awesome – All of this in just 45days!

A streamlined programme that works each body part in an efficient way over 3 sessions a week to ensure you are Transforming your Body. Read more>


Lift it, Tone it, Shape it all in time for the Beach – You still have Time!

A 6 week programme that utilizes a combination of High Intensity resistance training and Cardio to burn excess fat and shape your body.


You’ve booked your trip, paid your money, bought the gear – but are you fit enough to enjoy it all?

This programme is specially designed for skiers to build up your Cardio fitness, Balance, Muscle Strength and Flexibility. Not only will it ensure you are fit enough to enjoy the trip but also reduce your chance of injury. Read more>


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