We are dedicated to providing you with fun,effective and scientifically proven ways to improve your health, change your shape and make you feel great about yourself!

Here are the range of activities for you to chose from:

▻ Personal Training

▻ Weekly Clinics

Learn New Equipment

▻ Upcoming Events

▻  4- 6 week Specialist


▻  Book a

     Re Programme

▻  Free Resources

▻  Nutrition &

     Dietary Support

▻  Fitness assessment

The concept behind our fitness services is to be S.M.A.R.T














Give you SPECIFIC goals to achieve

Ensure that we provide you with all the tools to help you MEASURE your progress

Ensure that we make your programme ACHIEVABLE

REALISTIC bearing in mind your busy lifestyle


We break your membership into 6 week segments called ‘member journeys’.

Each one is an exercise programme tailored to suit you.


The benefit of this is it’s not too long that you lose motivation, but it’s long enough to show you results. Your first programme will be built around the information you have supplied us with when you joined.


We offer a variety of incentives, cash back opportunities and the chance to bring your friends and family to the club

because we are aware you will feel more comfortable exercising with someone you know.


What makes us different is that unlike other gyms we get results and we have a proven track record of helping our members achieve their goals.

Putting the friendliness, support and motivation into your fitness club experience

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